Friday last day to submit Alberta School of Performing Arts application

The application is for students to enroll in the arts-heavy curriculum starting with the 2015/2016 school year.

Alabama Wins Emotional Iron Bowl

Alabama rallied to beat the Tigers 57-55 on Saturday.

DCH: focus on engineering

Brad Castleberry is the director of facility engineering at DCH. Photo by Amy Sullivan

DCH is known for its excellent physicians, but who makes it possible for the doctors and nurses to do their jobs? One group doing their part is the men and women of Facility Engineering.


Sweet Home Food Bar offers unique taste downtown

TUSCALOOSA, AL –– George Harsch, owner, says he is excited to introduce a "Yankee"  twist to this community at Sweet Home Food Bar in downtown Tuscaloosa. | Photo by Emily Higginbotham

The Sweet Home Food Bar has expanded its locally grown menu, offered new services, and changed with the season in the six months since its grand opening.

UA program to donate $5,000 in books to Black Belt schools

Schools in the historically impoverished area can apply to receive one of five donations of the newest teen and children’s books.