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Top 5 Pearl Jam Songs That Are Not on Ten


Ten is Pearl Jam’s debut album. Released (pun intended) in 1991, Ten led the band to being one of the forerunners of the Grunge Movement in the early 90s.

But unlike most of these bands from this era, Pearl Jam has stood the test of time.

Yet, most people jumped off the bandwagon after their initial success.

Pearl Jam has released nine studio albums since Ten.

These are some of the best Pearl Jam songs released after 1991 that prove how awesome Pearl Jam still is.


5. Gone – This track can be found on the band’s 2006 self-titled album (also referred to as the Avocado Album). It is about leaving everything you know behind and starting over. The emotion in Ed’s voice is what originally drew me to the song.

As someone who loves travelling, this song resonates with me. I am never satisfied staying in one place. I patiently await the day I can go somewhere new.

Watch Pearl Jam perform Gone on Letterman here.

“…If nothing is everything. If nothing is everything, I’ll have it all. I am gone.”


4. Nothingman – The earliest Pearl Jam song you will find on this list; from the 1994 album Vitalogy, Nothingman is about being “nothing” without the person you love. The live version of this song leads many to tears. At the band’s 20th anniversary shows in Alpine Valley, someone sent a paper lantern into the sky, which fits with the fire motif of the song.

Watch Nothingman from PJ20 in Alpine Valley here.

“And he who forgets…will be destined to remember…”


3. Infallible – The sixth song on Pearl Jam’s most recent release, Lightning Bolt, Infallible is meant to discuss the state of the world. Ed’s vocals on this song are what make it one of the best Pearl Jam songs of all time. His vocal range is unmatched by any other song on the album.

You can listen to Infallible here.

“Of everything that’s possible in the hearts and minds of men, somehow it is the biggest things that keep on slipping right through our hands.”


2. Given To Fly – This song is one of my personal favorites to hear live. It is the 4th track on Pearl Jam’s 5th studio album “Yield.” While the studio version is slow, the live performance has been known to move buildings such as Madison Square Garden. Only three other bands, The Grateful Dead, Iron Maiden, and Bruce Springsteen, have been able to accomplish this.

The most emotional performance of this song was played on the 2013 South American Tour in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when the crowd starts singing the guitar parts. Watch here.

“And he still gives his love, he just gives it away. The love he receives is the love that is saved. And sometimes is seen a strange spot in the sky: A human being that was given to fly”

1. In Hiding – Fans wait years to hear this song live. Also on Yield, since its release in 1998, the song has been played just 86 times. When performing the song, Ed usually lets the crowd take over the high notes in the chorus. The opening guitar riff always causes a commotion for the die-hard fans because the song is a live rarity.

One of the best versions of this song also comes from the 2013 South American Tour. You can watch here.

“It’s all state of mind…”


Honorable Mention:

Hold On from Lost Dogs

Red Mosquito from No Code

Evacuation from Binaural