Summer Art House Movie Series

The Bama Theatre presents its annual Summer Art House Movie Series on Tuesday nights.

This is the fifth year the event has been held. The public theatre in downtown Tuscaloosa shows independent movies for one night only, for six Tuesdays in a row. It’s an opportunity for the community to come together and share a social experience around a night at the movies.

The next movie in the series is “The Clouds of Sils Maria” on Tuesday, June 23. This is the summer edition of their seasonal series that also runs in the winter and fall.

Theater Manager David Allgood said this is a unique experience that only the Bama Theatre can offer to the community. They show the kind of movies that don’t screen at the Cobb Theater, which prompts audiences to discuss it after the credits roll.

“It’s really a different atmosphere than a typical movie theater,” Allgood said. Part of that is down to the full concession and bar area that the theatre offers for patrons to enjoy before and after the movie. Doors open about an hour before the movie, giving plenty of time for people to relax before the lights dim.

Allgood said that talking to people before and after the movies and allowing them the opportunity to discuss what they’ve seen is a big reason the Arts Council of Tuscaloosa supports events like this for the community.

“Our audience is very vocal, they know they can talk to me. They can send me emails or make suggestions. They can send me criticisms. It’s a community effort,” Allgood said.