Former Talladega mayoral candidate makes run for Tuscaloosa City Council

By Anthony Johnson

Vann Caldwell, despite being just 25 years old, believes he is the right man to represent the 7th district of Tuscaloosa as a councilman.

“If elected, I will give my level best while bringing energy and passion to the position,” he said. “I will seek wise council, and explore and weigh all options before making a decision.”

Caldwell said he is aware of the doubts that his community may have due to his young age, but his credentials and his ideas should not go overlooked.

Candidate at 19

At the age of 19, Caldwell ran for mayor of Talladega. Despite losing the election, his ambition at such a young age is a telling sign of his passion and enthusiasm for politics and the well-being of his community.

Caldwell said he doesn’t believe his life experience should be a factor in the voter’s decision to elect him as councilman.

“I will bring an energy and passion to the job that no one else could bring,” he said. “I will be active in the community. I understand that this is a full-time position and I will be devoted to my district.

Answering a Call in Tuscaloosa

“I believe I have a calling to represent District 7,” he said.

Caldwell received his political science degree from the University of Alabama and began working for the university in the security department, the same position he holds now. He said his long-term goals take a side-seat to his goals for the city of Tuscaloosa.

“First and foremost, I want to succeed as a councilman,” he said. “Ten years from now I could be running for another position, but right now, I have goals for District 7 that are a priority.”

Caldwell said some of the most pressing issues on his agenda include: revitalizing the economy of District 7, improving the school system by moving it to a higher level of learning, and finally, increasing the police force to required standards.