Lundell points to road improvements, frequent grass-cutting as accomplishments

By Patty Vaughan

With more than 30 years of living in District 6 of Tuscaloosa County, Bob Lundell hopes to continue to serve the district for another four years as councilman.

Lundell has served as District 6’s councilman for the past four years, and his goal is to remain in that same position. While being involved in several civic organizations in Tuscaloosa including the Sister Cities Commission, PAL (Police Athletic League) and the YMCA, Lundell served as councilmen implementing changes and trying to improve the district.

“It [organizations] gives you leadership abilities and skills to run these organizations, and they have applied to running my district and different committees in city council,” Lundell said. “I’ve got a pretty rounded background as far as paying my civic dues as they say.”

Promises made and kept

Four years ago Lundell made three promises to the district when he was elected. He promised to start expansion on Buttermilk Road, work on Loop Road and control the high grass on Skyland Boulevard. Currently, Buttermilk Road is underway, Loop Road is has begun its second phase and Skyland Boulevard’s grass is being cut every two weeks as opposed to only twice a year.

“I don’t like to leave things undone or not finished. I want to make sure the Buttermilk Road and the Loop Road projects are finished,” Lundell added. “I want to follow up with Skyland too and put up more traffic signals and lighting.” Lundell has also overseen the construction going on with the new 450-car parking deck, the new amphitheater and the completion of the $7 million fire house.

New grocery store top priority for second term

If elected, Lundell hopes to bring a grocery store to the eastern part of the city.

“The only thing which I wasn’t able to bring to the district is a grocery store, but I’ve got some good news coming out as possible a way to use some of the stimulus money to help developers.”

Married with five children and six grandchildren, Lundell graduated from University of Miami in Coral Gables, Fla. with a degree in business administration. Lundell focuses on making sure that his constituents are fully informed about the changes being made by an institution of the 311 system, which allows members of the district to submit a work order into a computerized system. Lundell also has sent out a newsletter for the past four years explaining any changes being made to the city or the district.

Lundell hopes to finish what he started by being elected in the upcoming election. “We focus number one in the district,” Lundell concluded.

Voting for District 6 will be on Tuesday at the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind at the Tuscaloosa Regional Center. For more information one can visit