Is going Styrofoam free going over well with students?

University of Alabama students gave their view on the campus’s upcoming decision to go Styrofoam free.

By Alaina Boukedes
Contributing Writer

UA students use over 12,450 Styrofoam takeout boxes every week on campus, according to this Crimson White article. By Bama Dining taking an environmental initiative to reduce the amount of Styrofoam used on campus, half a million to-go boxes will not go to landfills.

Dateline Alabama asked students their opinion on the new Styrofoam free policy on campus.

Dateline Alabama: “What do you think about UA going Styrofoam free?”


Anthony Haselbauer
Senior, History/Theatre Major
Franklin, TN

“I don’t care, it’s never affected me.”

Katie Hooper
Senior, Theatre Major

“I think the fact that we have gone Styrofoam free is a huge leap in environmental awareness.”


Lindsey Herin
Senior, Psychology/Spanish/Theatre major

“I like the Styrofoam to-go boxes for convenience.”