Is There Life After Football? Top 5 Non-Sports Related Things to Do in Tuscaloosa

The residents of Tuscaloosa all know the ways of sports. Football is a lifestyle. But what are people supposed to do when it’s off season?
By Alaina Boukedes
Contributing Writer

mellow mushroom

Trivia at Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom is well known for serving up a mean slice to residents. Located on University Boulevard, this infamous pizzeria cannot be missed from its lavish décor outside. But what most Tuscaloosa locals wouldn’t know is that you can enjoy pizza and trivia at the same place. Come by any Tuesday at 7 p.m., and you can join in on the excitement. Nothing says college town like pizza and random information you have remembered over the years. Bring the family, bring your friends, it’s a fun time for all.


Outdoor Movies at The Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum

Though this museum contains years and years of history on the city of Tuscaloosa and the Black Warrior River, The Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum is bringing to life history in the form of film. Showing classics like, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Ferris Bueller’s Big Day Off” the museum is screening these movies all outdoors. Patrons are able to carpool to the event, located at 1901 Jack Warner Parkway, for $5 and bring whatever movie necessities are needed. Showings and times can be found on the museum’s website,


Coffee at Nehemiah’s Coffee House

Spending a relaxing day with a friend at a coffee shop can be the epitome of a good time for many people. Though the university campus has one of the largest Starbuck’s in the nation, it’s noble to help out a local coffee shop with such an uplifting message. After the 2011 tornadoes hit Tuscaloosa, the neighborhood of Forrest Lake was devastated. One homegrown church decided to help rebuild the neighborhood and bring the community together by buying the lot next to them and constructing Nehemiah’s Coffee House, located at 101 18th St., Tuscaloosa. Good atmosphere, good coffee, and a good message of perseverance, this local hangout is the perfect spot for any day of the week. You can grab yourself a cup of coffee knowing that you are bettering the community. Did I mention they serve cupcakes?


Picnic at the University of Alabama Arboretum

In a growing city like Tuscaloosa, it’s nice to go back to yours roots, so to speak. The University of Alabama Arboretum, found at 4801 Arboretum Way, is the perfect destination for education and recreation. Created to inform the public on botanical studies and to promote research, the Arboretum has trails, gardens and perfect spots for picnics. You can even bring the family pet with you as long as you leave no trace behind. Closing at sunset, you can spend the entire day laying out and soaking in some sunshine.

super skate

Skating at Super Skate

A little farther from town, on the outskirts of Tuscaloosa, lies the childhood of many. A roller-skating rink, Super Skate is a family friendly and an inexpensive way to spend a Friday night. Located on McFarland Boulevard, Super Skate is always having rental specials and special nights for anyone willing to test out their balance and boogie down to some good tunes. They even sell skates to bring home with you, just not the waxed wood floors.