The Crimson Tide Swells in Population

 Enrollment at The University of Alabama has been steadily increasing as the popularity of the Crimson Tide has grown. The culture of Alabama football and the rich background of the campus brings in thousands of students every year. With the steady incline, who knows where The University of Alabama  or Tuscaloosa will end up in 10 years?

By Alaina Boukedes
Contributing Writer

Acceptance for the 2013 incoming year was at a record high of 34,852, according to UA News. Since the accumulation of 15 national championships, the number of students has grown as well. Students from all over the world have come to experience the football and the Southern hospitality that is Alabama.

The previous year the enrollment rate had been a record high of 33,602. In 2011, the admissions rate was 31,747. The growth of enrollment has been almost a steady 2,000 students every year. These additions from year-to-year are usual for a university with a growing reputation, right?

That might seem like an average number for a large public university, but according to the United States Census Bureau, the average number of high school graduates that went to higher education was 17 million in 2012.

These statistics come from new admission, and any transfer students coming to the university. Numbers are vital to the development of the university, letting the administration adapt to the ever-growing population. These adaptations have turned into off-campus housing overflow for  incoming freshman, and the complete reconstruction of dormitories on campus. Class sizes are increasing and classrooms are being adapted, making the structure of classes more likely to be a lecture hall.

The city is feeling the swell. Within five years, the Tuscaloosa city population  increased by 6,000 people, according to the US Census Bureau . Housing developments have had to scramble to meet up with the needs of the arriving residents.