What do the students think of parking at UA?

University of Alabama students gave their opinion on parking on campus.

By Allison McLaughlin
Contributing Writer

In the past few years, enrollment at the University of Alabama has risen to record highs.  In fall 2013, enrollment reached 34,852 students, according to ua.edu. As more students come to the University, the number of available parking spaces is decreasing. Parking pass costs are increasing this year to $320 for residential (up $20), $540 for reserved (up $30), and $180 for perimeter (up$10).

Students who park illegally receive a fine.  Dateline Alabama asked UA students to express their thoughts about parking  on campus.

Dateline Alabama: “How do you feel about the parking situation on campus?”



Benita Smith
Recent Alabama Graduate

“You pay over $100 and sometimes you still don’t have a spot. Others schools don’t pay that much.”



Claire Davis
World Community Health Major

“They really don’t utilize the space they have effectively. I think they set arbitrary amounts because they know people will pay it.”



Jalen Johnson
Finance Major

“The parking is not where it should be. The lot by Publix is never full.”