Advice from Seniors

Senior takes graduation pictures. Photo by Mary Margaret Smith.

Senior takes graduation pictures. Photo by Mary Margaret Smith.

University of Alabama seniors talk about what they wish they had known before their four years at school. 

By Anna Fogg
News Producer

As the month of May approaches the upcoming graduates can be seen walking around in their caps and gowns as they take pictures in front of their academic buildings, Denny Chimes, and the President’s Mansion. Before they walk across the stage and receive their diplomas, some seniors find themselves reflecting back on what they wish they had known during their four years spent at The Capstone.

Brittany Pecuri, a senior at the University of Alabama, thinks one of the most important things incoming students can do is to be comfortable with change.

“Embrace this change that college is going to bring you. I’m not the same person I was freshman year,” Pecuri said. “I have the same major but that’s rare, and I don’t even hang out with the same people.”

Rob Atras, a senior at the University of Alabama, found that meeting people outside of his normal group was a great experience.

“Make friends with people that aren’t from your hometown because the University has more people from out of state and I think that going out and meeting people that aren’t from where you are is a great experience,” Atras said. “You would be amazed at what you learn from being outside of your comfort zone.”

While Pecuri feels as if she has checked almost everything off her bucket it, one thing that Atras wishes he had done during his time at the University of Alabama was to study abroad. Kevin Paul, a senior at the University of Alabama, would have liked to be involved in more organizations.

“Get as involved as you can, as early as you can. For me at least, I was an out of state student and really didn’t know that many people on campus and I really credit the fact that I know so many people on campus and that I know so much about campus because I got involved early on,” Paul said. “I’ve formed so many awesome relationships on and around campus simply because I put myself out there and I got out of my comfort zone and I made myself uncomfortable.”

Almost everyone makes mistakes throughout their four years that they spend at college whether it’s from grades, friends, or being afraid to step out of the comfort zone.

“I would say messing up your grades freshman year is a pretty common occurrence and a pretty big mistake.” Atras said.

Although it can be hard for students to find the balance between studying and a social life, many would agree that not taking your freshman classes seriously can end up hurting you in the long run. With that being said, it is important to remember that everyone makes mistakes and those mistakes can teach important lessons.

“I would tell freshman that the most common mistake that’s made is people are afraid to make mistakes,” Paul said. “This is really the last time in your life where you can make mistakes and still not be overly affected by them.”