Epiphany Brings Farm Fresh Food to Tuscaloosa

At Epiphany, farm-to-fork cuisine is slowly becoming more popular, with various combinations that add an exotic twist to each dish.

By Pauline Fitzgerald
Contributing Writer

Located at 519 Greensboro Ave. in downtown Tuscaloosa, Epiphany offers a unique style when it comes to food, while putting an emphasis on eating healthy and local.

Since 2003, Epiphany has tried to show the residents of Tuscaloosa the importance of what goes in our bodies, from vegetables, to meat products, to sweets.

“People aren’t aware, they don’t know that continuously eating preservatives and taking allergy shots are harmful. They’re filled with hormones. My niece who is 9 years old, is already 5 feet 7 inches tall.” said David Gregory, 40, who has been a waiter at Epiphany for 12 years.

Gregory completely altered his diet since he began to work for Epiphany, adding a lot more fruits and vegetables into his everyday servings.

“I try to teach my niece and nephew the importance of healthy eating. When they come home with an A on their test, they get Brussels sprouts for dinner.” Gregory said.

The menu at Epiphany changes daily according to what local farms have to offer at the time.

Louis Campbell, 45, has served as a waiter at Epiphany since 2003.

“This customer recently told us about his uncle who has a blueberry farm and now we’re going to keep in contact. That’s what our business is built by.” Campbell said.

The farm-to-fork cuisine menu includes a wide range of foods such as: house made cheese, squash puree, butternut squash chicory and more.

“Since all of our products are local, we work the menu around the local products we receive daily. We have some farmers supplying us with figs, one farmer with pork, one for greens, etc.,” Gregory said. “Whatever we receive that day, we will work the menu around to make an exceptional, healthy meal.”

The way the dishes are served is authentic and raw, and the portions are an appropriate serving size.

“The taste is one of a kind. The chef pretty much cut up these ingredients on the cutting board, put a little dressing on top and served it. It can’t get more original and healthy than that,” said Katie Orr, a freshman at the University of Alabama, who frequently dines at Epiphany trying recipes to maintain her healthy lifestyle.

The Lamb Bacon Salad mixed with baby fennel, beet, apple, yogurt and raisin is served on a cutting board, to symbolize its rawness and how it came straight from the cutting board.

“Epiphany gives the real definition of ‘farm-to-fork’, it almost seems like they have a farm in the kitchen instead of a chef.” Orr said.

The dessert menu has a twist in itself, offering a range of sweets. Goat cheese panna cotta topped with grapefruit and pepitas is the favorite of most customers, according to chef Isaac Benjamin.

Benjamin has worked in the kitchen for three years, and loves creating new innovative recipes for people to try.

“It’s my job to make people smile when they try my new recipes. I have to make them come back for more, so I try my best in creating new creative dishes that they would never think of putting together,” he said.

Epiphany is open from 5 p.m. until closing, and there is a happy hour from Monday to Thursday from 5 to 7 p.m. with half-price off select dishes.