Get Hooked with this App

Student browsing the Hooked app. Photo by Anna Fogg.

Student browsing the Hooked app. Photo by Anna Fogg.

The app Hooked allows college students to receive deals at local and chain restaurants.

By Anna Fogg
News Producer

Some would say there’s nothing better than combining a good deal with a good meal. The app Hooked is tailored to 22 different college campus around the country. It offers deals each day from different local and fast food restaurants that won’t empty a student’s wallet before the meal is over.

Students at the University of Texas in Austin created the Hooked app after their prototype became popular at their university. Currently the app is only offered in a number of college towns, but there are plans to make the app well known throughout the nation.

Adelaide Matte, a marketing intern for Hooked, promotes the app on the University of Alabama campus by stopping students and asking them a few questions.

“I always ask two questions to sell it to people. I say, ‘Do you like food?’ ‘Do you like getting deals on food?’ and they usually answer yes,” Matte said. “Then I say, ‘Well you should download this app because you can get all sorts of deals at local restaurants in Tuscaloosa and on campus.’”

Although the app didn’t test well in different neighborhoods, it has become popular among the students in college campuses.

Nicole Karriot, a junior at the University of Alabama, browses the app almost everyday and finds herself acting on the deals at least once a week. Some of offers include deals on happy hour drinks and $4 off of a burger from Hooligans.

“College students love deals and free food and all kinds of that stuff and it’s just really convenient,” Karriot said. “There’s a good amount of options, but I feel like there could be more for some of the more popular places on campus like Little Italy, Chipotle, or Buffalo Phil’s.”

When opened, the app displays a range of different deals with pictures, similar to an Instagram newsfeed. Instead of captions, advertisements for free drinks and food fill the screen.

“We have over 30 restaurants on the app for Tuscaloosa,” Matte said. “At Subway they’ll do a free cookie, or they’ll do a free drink with your purchase of chips and a sub. We do different events as well like $1 Moe’s barbecue sandwiches.”

Claire Stuart, a senior at the University of Alabama, recently downloaded the Hooked app after seeing signs advertising it around campus.

“It’s definitely something that I think college students need because we’re all trying to ball on a budget,” Stuart said. “It seems to have a wide range of restaurants from local to chains, so I think you get a wide variety of deals.”

Students at the University of Alabama can also find deals at the restaurants in Ferguson Student Center and The Bistro near Bidgood Hall. Some of these deals can be found at Chick-fil-a, Subway, or Panda Express.

“Hooked is still a startup company,” Matte said. “The niche for Hooked is that it’s catered to college campuses and that’s what makes it so special.”