Tuscaloosa welcomes four new pizza restaurants

Four new pizza places open in Tuscaloosa over the past couple months.

by Valerie King
Dateline Alabama Producer

Rising to the shortage of pizza places in town, Tuscaloosa has recently welcomed several new pizza places – Post Office Pies, Heat Pizza Bar, Pieology, and PYRO’s Fire Fresh Pizza – to fill the gap.

Post Office Pies, located directly behind Innisfree, is a full service pizza restaurant minus proper plates. Instead of using traditional dishes, customers eat their pizza off of brown butcher-like paper.

The pizza is fresh and sports a thicker crust than most of the competitors that have recently moved into town. However, the only type of chicken they offer is dark meat. So if that isn’t your favorite, order pizzas that don’t include the topping.

“It’s in a great location to grab a bite to eat before heading to the bars for the evening,” Alex Fell, Shelton State nursing student, said. “I think it’s one of the better pizza places in town. Definitely worth spending a few extra bucks over Dining Dollars Domino’s.”

Heat Pizza Bar, located behind the parking deck downtown, is a cross between a regular pizza restaurant and the Subway style pizza boutiques that are quickly appearing, where you walk up to the window and tell the worker which toppings you want as you go down the line. Unlike Post Office Pies, you order with the hostesses at the front of the restaurant. Then, after being seated, your pizza is delivered to your table piping hot.

Heat Pizza Bar offers a very selective menu. By adding and subtracting toppings, there is something for everyone.

Both Post Office Pies and Heat Pizza Bar sport large bars in the back of the restaurants. They offer both liquor and beer, in addition to drink specials. They are both quite spacious, and allow customers who don’t want to sit at a traditional table the chance to enjoy a bar setting.

Pieology, located on the Strip, and PYRO’s Fire Fresh Pizza, located in Legacy Park, are very similar.

Both restaurants are styled in the same fashion, where the customer walks up to the window and as they proceed down the line they choose what sauces and toppings they want on their pizza. At the end of the line, the pizza is put in the oven and brought out to your table when it is fully cooked. Both also serve only thin crust pizza.

Pieology offers a more extensive toppings list. According to their website, if you can get creative enough, they offer over 13 trillion pizza possibilities.  The amount of toppings Pieology offers is at first a little overwhelming.

“While the options provide the ability to customize your pizza to your own tastes, they can be a bit intimidating on the first visit,” Emily Warwick, UA senior, said. “I stuck to the traditional pepperoni pie. After I ordered my pizza, I realized that I could have added a lot more toppings for the same price as the pepperoni pizza.”

Pieology is the thinner of the two crusts, and is almost thin enough to be considered a cracker. It does, however, spread almost a foot in diameter. For those who don’t like so much dough, it is the perfect option. Customers have the option to dine in at the tables at the front or take their pizza to-go.

PYRO’s has fresh ingredients just like it’s competitors and also serves thin crust pizza. But unlike the crispy thin crust of Pieology, PYRO’s thin crust is much softer. What is nice about PYRO’s is that they offer a ‘snack pizza’ option for when you aren’t feeling up to a full size personal pan pizza.

All the new pizza places in Tuscaloosa offer fresh options. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference on crust and how long one wants to spend eating pizza.