A kickin’ chicken experience

chick salad pic

Experience chicken salad reinvented in different flavors at Chick Salad Chick at Midtown.

By Carolina Chaves
News Producer

The city of Tuscaloosa features different venues for food, but there is only one that serves nothing but chicken salad.

Chicken Salad Chick at Midtown Village is owned by Richard Meadows and Becky Roland. The location has been in Tuscaloosa since 2014. A second location is in Northport at Essex Square Market Place.

Samantha Simerly, manager of the Tuscaloosa location, said she enjoys the environment of her work.

“This place has a good atmosphere and works really well with my schedule,” Simerly said. “I have two kids at home so it’s convenient and I like having Sundays off.”

The location not only has food to please the customers but also customers who please the staff.

“I like the people who work here and the people I work for,” Simerly said. “You also get different types of customers who come in but they’re all great; it gives you a chance to meet new people and also enjoy the regulars.”

In the rush and bustle of the summer, customers still have a favorite chicken salad.

“The favorite of the summer is Fancy Nancy because everybody likes the grapes, apples and pecans,” Simerly said.

In regard to seasonal changes, Chicken Salad Chick has more visits in the warmer months than in the winter.

“Summer is busier than the wintertime because chicken salad is more of a summer food,” Simerly said. “This location hosts more college students and with the kids being out of school, you can see a bigger flow of customers.”

Simerly said her favorite chicken salad was Jalapeño Holly because it has a hint of spice, yet isn’t too spicy.

Renee Gainey, a junior at the University of Alabama, is a cashier and runner for the location.

“This is my favorite place to eat,” Gainey said. “Fancy Nancy is my favorite chicken salad; I get it every time.”

There are different reasons people choose a location to eat and what makes a restaurant successful.

“In the South, a lot of people like chicken salad,” Gainey said. “We see most people come in around lunch time and they are very energetic; it’s very southern and friendly.”

Cassie Wilson, a runner and cashier, has worked at the location for four months.

“There’s not a lot of places that serve chicken salad,” Wilson said. “All of the chicken salad is freshly made each day.”

There are 15 different flavors of chicken salads to choose from when deciding on a meal.

“We have spicy ones, fruity flavors and also our traditional one,” Wilson said. “There’s a type for pretty much everyone.”

Wilson said every chicken salad starts out as the “Classic Carol,” which is the original chicken they use and build on according to which one they are preparing to serve.

There are different sides to accompany the chicken salad entrees in every meal.

“The grape salad is a customer favorite,” Wilson said. “Personally, I like the grape salad and the pasta salad.”