Nick Holt – Soccer God

Nick Holt started playing soccer at a young age and has now progressed with his soccer career, coaching and finding a job within the soccer world.
By: Brittany Walker
Sports Producer

TUSCALOOSA, AL — At the young age of three, Nick Holt started playing soccer and now, twenty years later, he is living out his dream of coaching. Ever since he first started playing, it has been soccer that has grown him into the person he is today. Holt graduated in 2012 from The University of Alabama with a major in telecommunication and film and a minor in communications. From academy, cub, high school and even collegiately, Holt was always playing at the highest levels. When Holt graduated, he knew he wanted to continue with soccer and be able to teach younger kids how to play as well, he said.

“When I finished playing, I knew I wanted to stay in the game and invest in the next group of players and be a great influence on the kids,” Hold said.

Holt first got started in his coaching career when he started coaching for American Christian Academy, located in Tuscaloosa. He coached there for two years as head coach along with Tuscaloosa United Soccer Club and Hoover Soccer Club.

“I applied for my first job, interviewed and received it because of my background. Luckily, I had already established myself as a player in the soccer world in Alabama,” Holt said.

Currently, Holt is on the Alabama Soccer Olympic Development staff, Birmingham United Soccer Association (BUSA) and is the head coach for both the boys’ and girls’ varsity teams. Holt loves being able to see kids enjoy playing soccer and having fun on the field, he said.

“I like to think of soccer as my ministry. This Is my platform I have been blessed with to be an influence and an example for the younger generation. I’m only a few years older to them so I can relate and truly be there for them. I love investing and challenging kids to be a better them on and off the field,” Holt said.

With all the experience Holt has received from coaching, he hopes to take it to the next level within the next few years, he said.

“I see myself coaching collegiately in the next few years. I’m hoping by the time I am at least 27 I am coaching collegiately and one day get to the professional ranks,” Holt said.