The Only Snow Ttown Knows [SLIDESHOW]

A Tuscaloosa staple offers students, parents, and children alike a cold treat for the warm days of summer.
Photos by Arron DePorter

Warm days in Tuscaloosa mean one thing: the much-awaited opening of Summer Snow.  Perhaps one of the city’s best known secrets, Summer Snow offers patrons a refreshing way to beat the heat with their delicious shaved ice and has been serving snow cones to the area since 1988.  At Summer Snow, the combinations of colorful flavors are endless.  While some patrons prefer to be taken to the Tropics with Bahama Mama, others insist that a splash of the cream topper is the only way to go.  Feeling adventurous?  Ask about the secret menu.  A trip to Summer Snow is a must, and it will only make summer that much sweeter.