There is Something about Brunch

I looked down at the plate of the sugar-coated, little fried pieces, of what I am sure heaven serves all day.

By Miranda Townley
Features Reporter

I looked down at the plate of the sugar-coated, little fried pieces, of what I am sure heaven serves all day. I wondered how I had never experienced the delight of beignets until that moment. It was not only my first time to eat brunch, but my first time to eat at Another Broken Egg. Both experiences proved to me that sleeping later is even better when you can still have breakfast served at lunch, and Another Broken Egg can easily turn you into a breakfast food lover.

My first bite into the beignet revealed the best combination of a biscuit and a doughnut. The dough was smooth and sweet, and the orange marmalade sauce that accompanied it offered a tangy taste to pair with the sweet treat.

I was at the Tuscaloosa location with my aunt and cousin, and since it was my first time there, my aunt talked us into getting three different things to share. I do not get to see my aunt and cousin often, so our time together is always special.

My aunt, Sharon Mohon, loves to introduce me to new foods. When I told her that morning I had not eaten at Another Broken Egg, she nearly fell out of her chair in excitement for us to try the gourmet breakfast eatery.

“I treasure time with my family and it seems like the only time we get together is to have a meal,” Mohon said. “Good food should be eaten in a good restaurant with a good atmosphere, surrounded by good people.”

I ordered the Bacquezo omelette that is filled with cream cheese, breakfast chorizo and Monterey Jack cheese. My cousin ordered cheese grits and scrambled eggs with cheese and ham. My aunt ordered the pancake flight, which included three different types: bananas Foster, mixed berries and lemon blueberry goat cheese.

Our table looked like a breakfast buffet. As we passed plates around and tried the variety of options, the view of the Black River Warrior was a nice accompaniment to the dining experience.

People walked on the trail behind the restaurant, with their dogs or pushing strollers. On the river, people are paddling in kayaks and standing on paddleboards.

“People love coming here because of the awesome view from the back porch that overlooks the river–and because the food is really good,” said Daniel Morton, server at Another Broken Egg. “The food has a Cajun-California style that is different from around here.”

Morton said most brunch lovers at the restaurant go for the shrimp and grits or the “Hey Lucy!” omelette.

We rely on food to make us feel physically whole, but our companionships that make our souls feel whole is just as important. Brunch does not have to be rushed to get to before you miss out, unless you sleep past 2 in the afternoon. It is a calm time of day to enjoy the pleasure of food, but also the purpose of food and fellowship.

Sip on a coffee, indulge in a few beignets and appreciate the beauty of brunch with people that make your heart feel whole.