The Alabama Blues Project reaches Tuscaloosa

This past weekend, the University of Alabama hosted a blues concert for aspiring music students and faculty at the university, under the title of “Alabama: Rolling with the Blues.” It encompassed the entirety of West Alabama, and it is the first to kickstart a potentially annual series of events.

By Jared Ferguson
News Producer

The blues genre of music is historically no stranger to Americans, and students at the University of Alabama were able to enjoy a spectacle of the genre’s quality on Friday and Saturday.

The two-day event was planned by the non-profit organization Alabama Blues Project, and was held at the Ferguson Center for the Friday night performance and Moody Music Hall for the Saturday night finale. The weekend event, due to its importance in setting the stage for future years to come, took much in the way of advertising and organizing.

“As far as my end of things, it was a big project. Press releases, fliers, digital design, all sorts of websites, anything you can think of. We did it to try to get people at this event. It was a big deal. We wanted to make sure we started off with a bang,” said Kevin Lake, a communication specialist at the University of Alabama.

Photo: Courtesy of Kevin Lake

Photo: Courtesy of Kevin Lake

The concert itself was considered a success by those involved in regards to its audience turnout and raising awareness for the Alabama Blues Project’s services. Program Manager Shannon McCue expressed satisfaction at the weekend’s success.

“One of our main interests in this was to raise the profile of our organization, to get more students involved, to get more funders for the organization in town, and I think that we succeeded in that and I think that it’s something that we can definitely do again,” McCue said.

McCue and Executive Director Paula Demonbreun encourage any students interested in further involving themselves with future events sponsored by the Alabama Blues Project to visit their website, Blues Project @ UA, for further information about upcoming events.

“It’s a great way to connect with other students who enjoy all kinds of music. I think they did some jam sessions also as part of the club. We would love for students to know and be aware that this organization is out there for them to help them get involved with us, and possibly next year to help support this blues weekend,” Demonbreun said.