The Syrian Civil War: Should we intervene?

The Syrian Civil War, which has been fought since 2011, is one that has drawn much controversy due to the complexity of the motivations of the dozens of sides involved in the conflict. However, in the face of the heated politics surrounding the various splinter groups such as ISIS and Rojava, one question remains at the heart of numerous Americans: Should the United States assist the Free Syrian Army in deposing President Bashar al-Assad?


Saddler Siege
Cashier at Taziki’s

“A long time ago, in one of the World Wars, a similar issue happened where we decided to not get involved, and we ended up getting involved when we were dragged into it. If that’s what happens, I really think that might be the case. I think the US should play a neutral state until we get dragged into it where we have to be involved in it. Right now, it doesn’t involve us. So why are we sticking our fingers in someone else’s pie?”


Casey Bowman
Senior at University of Alabama

“I’m not really sure about the intricacies of each side at this point, but I do believe we should protect Israel. That’s my opinion. If that conflict in Syria somehow gets to the point where it’s threatening Israel, I would say we should intervene, but based off of that, at this moment I do not think we need to do anything about that.”


Justin Simpson-James
Engineering Major at the University of Alabama

“Personally, no. I don’t feel like we should intervene to the extent that we are, and I feel like that goes with a lot of world issues. I feel like the US acts too much like the world police in certain matters, and we are not even taking care of our own country. We have problems of our own that we need to fix pronto, but that’s just my personal opinion.”