The University of Alabama’s appeal to honors students

The University of Alabama in the past year has seen a sharp increase in its enrollment, including those entering the Honors college.

By Jared Ferguson
News Producer

The University of Alabama, founded in 1831 with 94 students, has naturally seen increases in enrollment in its 186 years of existence.

There are numerous areas in which the population has increased, from sex to minority ratios, including an influx of freshman students in the Honors program in 2016.

In the fall 2016, the number of freshman enrolled at the university shot up by 4.8 percent, 31 percent of who graduated from high school with a 4.0 or higher. The number of students in Honors College, as of 2016, was 2,536. This increase in honors students was a 12 percent increase in the department enrollment from 2015.

The requirement for entering the Honors College involves scoring a minimum ACT score of 28 or an SAT score of 1310, and a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

In 2015, Dr. Stuart Bell was named president of the Capstone. Bell’s previous accomplishments involved the expansion of the University of Kansas’s engineering department as well the expansion of Louisiana State University’s engineering and chemistry departments. The president’s prior accomplishments could be a possible drive to attract students of such higher academic accomplishments, due to the implied promise of more quality education in the science department.

This change in leadership could possibly be a factor in perhaps attracting more students of the sciences to the University of Alabama. Regardless, the one fact remains that the university’s ever-increasing enrollment is a sign that the University of Alabama has become more attractive in the past year to students with grades that possibly foreshadow a promising future.