Cultures Blend at International Prom

The University of Alabama hosts its first International Prom. By Laura Pilat
News Reporter

Students danced the night away at the University of Alabama’s first International Prom on Monday.

The cultural twist on an American tradition was created to bring various cultures together with dance, international music and food.

“Through this event, and all our events, we want to show that we can learn from other cultures and blend them together to create something amazing,” said Sakina Dhondia, the vice president of the International Students Association and director of cultural experience & diversity for the Honors College Assembly.

More than 200 students and community members attended, which encouraged guests to wear cultural clothes to the event to showcase diversity while bridging the gap between domestic and international students. Emily Hall, a worker at the International Prom, said they were able to reach out to people in the community by broadcasting the event to multiple organizations.

“It was a great opportunity for the campus to come together and enjoy a fun night to relax and have a break from studying,” said Andrew Dobry, a worker at the event.

The event was co-hosted by the South Asian Society, International Students Association, Honors College Assembly and UA Crossroads for their third partnership in a large-scale event. In order to prepare for the event, information was shared with cultural organizations on campus and students through flyers, digital signage boards and newsletters.

“Something as little as doing an Indian dance step to a Hispanic song at an American high school tradition shows what a blend of culture can do,” Dhondia said. “Even if it’s just one dance step at a time.”