University of Alabama hosts spring career fair

Students at the University of Alabama got the chance to meet potential employers.

By Jessica Burrell
News Reporter

With spring graduation quickly approaching, the University of Alabama has officially reached “career fair season.”

The University of Alabama’s Career Center hosted its General Interest and Business Career Fair at Coleman Coliseum on Feb. 21. The event started at 10 a.m. and ended at 3 p.m.

Three keys to success at the career fair were personality, research and an updated resume.

Ashley Arceneaux, a talent acquisition coordinator for AlliantGroup, said they were looking for people who are high-energy, passionate and eager to learn.

“Bring your ‘A’ game, bring your personality,” she said. “If you can bring that to the forefront you can literally knock down so many doors.”

In order to bring their A-game, students must first do their homework.

“Definitely research,” said Griffin Phillips, a junior at the University of Alabama. “You have to be prepared to ask them questions.”

Doing research on the visiting companies allows students to ask valuable questions that lead to better information.

Arceneaux said if you want to make an impression you should know more than just who the company’s CEO is.

“Research the company, their mission statement and core values,” said Arceneaux. “It’ll stand out. You took the time out to see the importance of what we do and who we are.”

When students arrive at the career fair, they should have multiple copies of their resume.

“Make sure your resume is up to date and relates to the company and job,” said Shiloa Biles of Honda Manufacturing Company.

When preparing resumes, ensure it quantifies personal skills.

“The recruiters want to know how you can contribute to their company and what you want to specialize in,” Phillips said.

Phillips said business cards are the things to leave with, and he plans to send follow up emails.