Sisters compete on UA rowing team

Memphis natives Lauren and Lindsey Taylor share more than sisterhood: They’re both walk-ons on the UA women’s rowing team, serve as resident advisors, and study pre-med.

By Sonya Haines
News Reporter

Lauren and Lindsey Taylor thought their athletic careers together were over when Lindsey came to the University of Alabama from Memphis, Tennessee, four years ago.

Soon after she arrived in Tuscaloosa, Lindsey embarked on a new athletic adventure by walking-on as a member of the women’s rowing team.

Two short years later, Lauren also walked onto the UA rowing team, reuniting two sisters and bringing a dynamic duo that would both challenge and improve not only each other, but their teammates as well.

The sisters share many things: they are both on the pre-med track and serve as resident advisors for the University. However, differences emerge within their shared interests.

“Lindsey wants to be an allergist, probably because of all of our allergy problems,” Lauren said. “I want to be an anesthesiologist.”

They stay with each other when they have training camps for rowing, but they both work in separate residence halls at the University, Lindsey said.

After high school, Lauren knew she would miss competing on a sports team, so she chose to join the rowing team. Lindsey wanted to have a sense of community and found that through the rowing team.

Because of their two-year age difference, the sisters have been able to bridge the gap between the upper and lower classes on the team, said Gaby Crawford, a sophomore.

“[Lindsey’s friends] are more likely to talk to [the] younger classes because her [younger] sister is in it,” Crawford said. “This helps the team as a whole have fewer divides between the classes.”

The sisters help each other improve and succeed within rowing while offering a support system that comes from being family.

“[Lindsey] is my biggest encourager and comfort because she knows exactly what I’m going through,” Lauren said.

Lindsey said, “She’s the person I can always talk to. I know she might not be in my boat, but she’ll listen to my complaints and understand my frustrations more than people who are not involved in the sport.”

Lindsey and Lauren both have found a community through rowing, one where they have been able to learn more about themselves.

“[Rowing] has taught me the importance of teamwork, time management and mental toughness,” Lauren said. “I think it has improved my work ethic as well.”

Lindsey said, “Having to get through those long monotonous workouts has increased my focus and mental toughness. I have learned to push myself more than I thought I ever could.”

Having the opportunity to work through difficult majors while being resident advisors and on the rowing team has pushed the sisters to be their best selves.

“[Being on a team with my little sister has motivated me]. I know that the way I present myself and how I act on the team is always being watched,” Lindsey said. “[Lauren] motivates me to always improve in every area, even the ones I don’t think about. If I don’t hold myself to a higher standard then she has an excuse to also not hit that standard. I stay motivated to be at my best to set an example for her.”