UA Graduates prepare for post-college life


By Kiera Grogan
News Reporter

Graduating college can be both an exciting and a stressful time in your life. Upon graduation, you learn how to balance freedom from your college ¬†years and the expectations and responsibilities of “adulting.”

Most college students become used to sleeping in until 2pm, leaving the house in sweatpants and hitting the bars hard on a Monday night. The reality of adulthood quickly sneaks up on graduates and they’re soon faced with putting majority of their college tendencys to a halt.

Newly graduated college students are pressured to find a job in their major right away and begin working. If the pressure isn’t on from their parents, it is definitely felt by society and the people they surround themselves with.

So, what are college graduates doing to prevent this post-grad pressure? Julia Neidigh, graduating Political Science major at the University of Alabama says she has prevented the stress of graduation by maintaining internships throughout her college career.

“I sought out early on what I wanted to try out. I interned at different companies so that I could get a feel of what real life work would be in these careers fields. Interning also helped me create contacts with prospective future employers, who I am now applying to work full time for.” Neidigh has a second round of interviews at her top company choice next week.

Lorraine Wangemann, graduating senior at the University of Alabama majoring in Communications says she took different classes that interested her during her time in college.

“For my elective credits I always tried to choose classes that interested me but weren’t specific to my major and what I am already studying. I took classes in art, kinesiology, science, that actually helped me decide what I want to get my masters in next.” Wangemann plans on applying to graduate school to further her interest in the medical field.