How to Get the Perfect Spring break Body

This article will include some tips and exercises that can help you get in shape for spring break.

By Jessica Ramsey
News Reporter 

TUSCALOOSA- Everyone wants that perfect spring break body or at least shed some pounds for spring break. But many people go to the gym and still don’t see results. So what could they possibly be doing wrong?

First off, it’s all about what you put in your body. “I honestly don’t believe in diets just more vegetables and fruits for an overall better feel. The better you feel inside, the better you will look outside. And always drink plenty of water,” said Maya Turner, an athletic training student.

Keoshane Allen, a social media influencer and model, thinks the same way. “I don’t follow a strict diet because I’m very cautious about the things I put in my body. I don’t eat beef or pork and I’m not a fan of junk foods. My eating habits are fairly clean. I maintain a diet of chicken, seafood, vegetables, fruits and water,” said Allen.

Turner thinks the right workouts to do when you are trying to tone and gain muscle is to use weights. “Good glute exercises are always squats along with glute bridges where your shoulders are on the edge of a bench and you do a bridge with weight. High weight and low reps are always good for building muscle,” said Turner.

Some people don’t exactly do the right workout to lose weight. “You have to maintain a proper diet especially if you have extra body fat that you’re trying to lose. Cardio is essential not only for fat burn but also for your overall health,” said Allen. Allen also thinks people should drink a good detox twice a week and stay away from junk foods and fried foods.

Allen also thinks that the reason people don’t end up getting their perfect spring break body is because they start working out too late. “Spring break bodies are created during fall and winter term. I hit the gym heavy in August. I hate to see when people try and work out for a month or a couple of weeks before spring break. And then they are disappointed with themselves because they don’t see much of a result,” said Allen.

According to Allen you need to be motivated to get the perfect spring break body. “I tell everyone that you have to be motivated to get it and work for it. You have to maintain a proper diet especially if you have extra body fat that you’re tying to lose,” said Allen.

Lyndsey DeRamus, an environmental engineer major at the University of Alabama, tries to stay motivated by having goals for herself at the gym. “I set goals for myself by increasing my miles or how many laps I run at the gym. It makes me excited to add on more weights than I did last time. I always say to myself that next time I’ll run two miles instead of one. Or I’ll lift two 45s instead of two 35s,” said DeRamus.