Local restaurant owner opens coffee shop, donates profits to missions

Pastor’s Kitchen owner, Pastor Garcia, opened a coffee and gift shop on McFarland Blvd. The business celebrates culture and supports the spread of the Gospel to nations around the world. All profits will help fund missionaries as they travel overseas to share the Gospel.

By Emma Cary
News Reporter

NORTHPORT — Pastor Garcia sips a caramel cappuccino in Pastor’s Coffee and Gift Shop on McFarland Boulevard. The new coffee shop opened just two doors down from his Mexican restaurant, Pastor’s Kitchen. He liked owning the restaurant. The authentic Mexican food was comfortable and felt like home to him. He did not know much about making coffee. He never dreamed of opening a coffee shop.

His dream changed last year when Garcia learned that 3.1 billion people had never heard of the Gospel of Jesus. He knew he wanted to be a part in spreading the story of the Bible to nations around the world, but with a family and a business, he could not move overseas. Garcia opened the coffee shop with the idea of donating its profits to local missionaries and mission organizations.

“If we have the chance to give to these places that are in need, we are going to give to them,” Garcia said. “Wherever the Gospel needs to be preached, we are going to give to them.”

The decorations of the shop mirror its global mission. Books about Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Spain line the shelves. Organizations dedicated to providing clean water for Africa border the walls of the store. A map of Saudi Arabia covers a blackboard on the back wall. The Middle Eastern country is the feature of the month. It is a place with little access to the Gospel of Jesus.

Every month the blackboard will feature the country of the month.

Rachel Webster, the manager of Pastor’s Coffee and Gift Shop, created the Saudi Arabian latte based off her experience with her Middle Eastern friends.

“The Saudi coffee is inspired by Arabic coffee which has cardamom and cloves,” Webster said. “Whenever I go to my Saudi friend’s houses, we always have coffee together. It’s a symbol of community and hospitality.”

While the mission of the coffee shop is clear, the baristas are persistent in the pursuit of quality coffee.

“We make everything manually,” Webster said. “We try to make excellent coffee and foster an atmosphere that is welcoming to all people.”

The employees are passionate about the mission of the store and its focus on culture and people.

“We are relationship oriented,” said Lilly Stevens, a barista. “It’s a merge of different cultures all coming together.”

Garcia and his wife, Raquel, strive to remain faithful to what they believe God has called them to do.

“We’re a bridge for people. If you come buy a coffee or get a gift, you’re helping missionaries on the other side of the world,” Garcia said. “Some people don’t know what to do or where to go when they want to help, and we can be a bridge for people.”

The coffee shop officially opened Jan. 12. Regular hours for the coffee and gift shop are 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday—Saturday.