Pig Finds Forever Home

A homeless pig finds a home at an equestrian center in Northport, Alabama.

By Chelsea Amend
News Reporter

A pig has found his forever home since wandering the streets of Tuscaloosa. 

Wilbur the pig was found by animal control officers and taken to Metro Animal Shelter where he melted the hearts of the staff.  His calm and sweet personality made him possible for adoption quickly.  A photo of him laying in a baby pool on Facebook grabbed Ashley Morrison’s attention immediately. 

Morrison, owner of Westminister Farms in Northport, knew she had the perfect home for the homeless pig.  She called Metro Animal Shelter, was approved to adopt Wilbur and brought him home to live on the equestrian farm. 

Westminister Farms is home to 50 boarding horses and their owners.  Wilbur will have plenty of human interaction and other animals to play with.  Animals like farm dogs, goats and a mini horse will share a backyard with Wilbur. 

“He’s taken down to the barns on a leash to hang out with the kids that ride here,” Morrison said. “They bring table scraps from home and groom him.”

Westminister farm strives to have a small community feel and Morrison believes that their new addition completed that.  He likes to head butt the dogs and kiss visitors as they come to play with him. 

“I never knew a pig could be so friendly.  He acts like a dog and follows us around while we take care of our horses,” said rider Sarah Spillane. 

While Wilbur is getting used to his new home, Westminister Farms hopes to train him to be a therapy animal and attend their farm’s camp.  In the summer, the farm teaches children to learn how to care and ride horses for a full day. 

“As the manager of Westminster, I hope I can train him to be a therapy animal.  I’d love to be able to take him to the local hospital or retirement homes.  He’s got the perfect personality for that,” said Manager Kaleigh Rice.

The staff of Westminster Farms believes that Wilbur is a great addition to the family.

“I encourage everyone to rescue from Metro Animal Shelter.  They have amazing animals needing forever homes,” said Morrison.