UA Hosts International Prom

UA hosted an International Prom on Sunday. The event welcomed international students and American students, and it featured dancing, free food, a photo booth and dances led by the Hispanic-Latino Association.

By Emma Cary
News Reporter

The University of Alabama hosted an international prom on Sunday in the Ferguson Center Ballroom. International students and American students were encouraged to attend, dance and dress according to their culture.

The night featured programs from the Hispanic-Latino Association, snacks from the Italian Student Association, free dinner, a photo booth and dancing.

The cultural director of the Honors College Assembly, Nikhil Singh, managed the event. Singh was born in Tuscaloosa, but his parents are from India. He grew up celebrating different cultures, so he enjoys being a part of a program that encourages the same idea.

“Growing up my family always threw cultural events,” Singh said. “They collaborated with UA a lot, so I grew up going to cultural events here. Now I’m in college doing the same thing.”

The aim of the event was to bring everyone together and allow people from all over the globe to connect.

“It’s like high school prom internationally themed. It’s prom with an international twist,” Singh said. “We want people on campus to get together and meet new people and learn about different cultures and just have a good time.”

Barbara Dias attended the international prom, and as secretary of the HLA, she helped lead the Latino dances of the night. Dias said she sees these events as an opportunity to share her Brazilian culture with everyone. Not only that, the events also bring a sense of unity among the students.

“The events provide an opportunity to meet people from other countries who are also experiencing being away from home. It helps to adjust to a new country when you meet people who are going through the same things,” Dias said. “Also, the Americans that come are so open-minded and love learning about other cultures.”

Although international prom was meant to gather UA students from all over the globe, American students were also encouraged to attend and learn about other cultures. Jack Burns attended the prom, and he was even named prom king at the same event last year.

Burns, a sophomore majoring in international relations, makes a point to attend several UA international events.

“I like meeting people, I like talking to people and I like free food,” Burns said. “It’s a good opportunity to have fun, and I’m fascinated by other cultures. It’s interesting to see how people live differently.”

Dias said these events are a fun way to bring people together and invite them into new cultures.

“Some people from America will never have the opportunity to go to Brazil,” Dias said. “These events allow us to show them what it’s like.”