Softball Team Surging

The women’s softball team has been off to a red hot start. Led by dominant team play, this softball team can very well break a record from 2001.

By Andrew Marronaro
News Reporter 

The University of Alabama women’s softball team is off to a red hot start this season, racking up runs batted in, and making an impact on a Division 1 platform. After being ranked fifth nationally overall by the NCAA, the Crimson Tide currently stand with a 21-0 record, the only undefeated team besides Florida State University.

The Crimson Tide’s start to the season can be attributed to the team’s hot bats and strong pitching core. Coach Patrick Murphy and the Tide have fans excited, bringing back memories of the last National Championship to be brought home to Tuscaloosa back in 2012.

“This is their best start to the season since 2012,” said Lance Peddington, a University of Alabama softball fan.

Many fans are wondering if this softball team can set a new record, topping the school’s all-time record of 27-0 set back in 2001.

Along with outstanding on-field play, and notable key players, leadership plays a key role in the Tide’s success.

“Murphy has been a good coach and builds a consistent team every year,” Peddington said. Since taking over prior to the 1999 season, Murphy has had a winning record in his 18 seasons here at the University of Alabama.

 The Tide beat the University of South Alabama with a score of 5-2 in its game on March 6. The Tide was led by the strong pitching of Sarah Cornell and closed out by freshman Montana Fouts. The offense put in work driving in five runs, as well as being led by bat of Bailey Hemphill, who crushed a two-run homerun in the bottom of the first.

“I think the batting power of this team will help them a whole lot,” said Joe Will Field, a photographer for The Tuscaloosa News and student at UA.

The Tide’s offense has six of the nine starters in the lineup batting over .300, with freshman Skylar Wallace leading the charge at .381, followed up by Kaylee Tow with a batting average of .373.

The Tide will open up conference play this week against the University of Missouri at Rhoads Stadium in Tuscaloosa.

“It’s great to see the women’s softball team doing well again, and they have what it takes to get back where they were,” said Olivia Garmon, a University of Alabama student and softball fan.

With an undefeated record, a strong pitching core, and productive hitting, the softball team can not only make an impact in the SEC this season, but on the national level as well.