Bloom Flower Truck

A truck that sells fresh flowers around Tuscaloosa

By Chelsea Amend
News Reporter

TUSCALOOSA- Kristin Logan grew up loving flowers.  After many years of buying expensive bouquets of flowers, she decided to make a flower truck that would deliver fresh flowers to the locals of Tuscaloosa.  Now, her flower truck is known throughout the city and has become a hot spot for all people.

Logan has always had a passion for fresh flowers.  Growing up, she watched her grandmother, Fern pick flowers from her garden.  She remembers running to her grandmother’s kitchen table to see what fresh bouquet was in the vase at the time.  As she got older, her love for flowers grew.  She found herself buying bouquets from the store weekly and would put them on her kitchen table.  Just like her grandmother did.  

Two years ago, she decided to quit her full time job and build a refurbished flower truck.  She named her flower truck Fern and with the help of her husband, they were in business.  

The two travel all around town, park the truck at different places and sell flowers by the stem to people.  Each weekend, they try to park at a different place.  Rain or shine, Fern is ready to sell beautiful bouquets.

“My favorite place to sell the flowers is at Heritage Coffee House on Jack Warner.  I think on the weekend, people love having coffee and lunch with their friends.  There’s nothing better than picking up some fresh flowers on your way out,” said Logan.

All of the flowers are grown by local gardeners.  Logan picks them up weekly.  Most of the flowers come from Birmingham and sometimes Tuscaloosa.  Logan pointed out that flower shop and grocery store bouquets are often times very expensive.  Bloom Flower Truck strives to have inexpensive bouquets while selling fresh flowers.

“It’s important that my flowers are grown locally.  They are the most fresh and I want to support local businesses,” said Logan. 

During the cold months, the truck won’t be parked out around town.  Fresh, local flowers are not being grown during the winter.  Bloom Flower Truck’s busiest time of the year is March-October.  

“Whenever I see the truck parked on the side of the road, I stop to pick out a bouquet for my girlfriend.  It’s easy and accessible to grab the flowers.  Plus, it makes for a happy girlfriend,” said customer Nick Gleason. 

Logan enjoys seeing her customers happy when they get to take beautiful flowers home.  She even parks her trucks at birthday parties and weddings.  

“I follow their social media to find out where they will be parking for the weekend.  I try to get her flowers once a week.  I’m a regular customer,” said Ashley Smith.

Bloom Flower Truck is on Facebook and Instagram.  They post when and where Fern, the flower truck will be parked.