Coming this weekend: Spiked seltzer company to host yoga brunch at Gallettes

“Balance and Brunch” is part of a Bon & Viv promotion at college campuses around the U.S.

By Emily Howell
News Reporter

Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer is hosting a promotional event at Gallettes Friday afternoon.

The 21-and-up brunch will offer participants free Bon & Viv merchandise along with brunch, seltzer products and a guided yoga session.

“It’s going to be a short beginner’s session,” said Mia D’Amico, Brand Ambassador. “Nothing too crazy, just nice and relaxing.”

“Balance and Brunch” is part of a Bon & Viv promotion at college campuses around the U.S. D’Amico said the company just rolled out some fresh new flavors that they’re excited for customers to try.

D’Amico said bar-goers will be seeing the seltzers at bars around town through the end of the school year.

The event will feature catering from Holler & Dash Biscuit House, which is located on University Boulevard, just across the street from Gallettes.

“Holler & Dash is more than happy to partner with Bon & Viv and Gallettes for this event,” said Manager Brooke Williams McGuire.

McGuire said the spread will feature “a little bit of everything” including a parfait and fruit bar, a selection of miniature biscuit sandwiches and signature toppings like their creole cream cheese and hollerback sauce.

Laura Glynn, bartender at Gallettes, said she’s excited to work the event.

“Who doesn’t love yoga and Holler & Dash?” Glynn said. “I can’t wait.”

The event’s 50 spots have already been booked up, but fans of seltzer who are interested in Bon & Viv can still catch the fruity, low-calorie seltzer promotions at local bars for the next few weeks.