Have $10? This class can help you launch a start-up

Color and Letter is beginning to expand their business, on campus and online.

By Carter Boone
News Reporter

A business class at the University of Alabama called “$10 Start-Up” is helping students develop a business plan for an idea they could launch for $10.

Rebekah Brunner, a sophomore from Wisconsin, was working on the project and decided to use it as a platform for her hobby: watercoloring.

“I’ve always loved watercoloring, it’s been a fun hobby for me to paint and to see the way the water and the paint interact with each other,” Brunner said. “Some friends of mine told me they really liked my paintings and that they would buy one. What started out as a hobby of mine turned into a small business that I call ‘Color and Letter.’”

Brunner had already been painting her watercolors for a while before the business project came around. Brunner paints watercolors of different states. Her target is to students who are out of state and may feel homesick or love their home state and want a piece of art to remember their home state while at school. She went from her art being a hobby, to occasionally selling, to being a small business on the rise.

“When doing the $10 Start-Up idea, my team and I decided to take my watercolor idea for a business and enlarge it,” Brunner said. “The team I have worked with has really helped me with creating my business with accounting insight and graphic design help. They have really helped me flourish my business.”

Brunner’s team comprises of other students who were partnered with her for the project. The idea is to have everyone on the team contribute to the business in their own unique way.

“I handle the businesses financials,” Jack Brennan said. “I process orders and ensure that the income statement and balance sheet are all up to date and accurate. Financials are a vital aspect of a businesses performance because they give insight into how successful the businesses strategy has been. I try to project our future growth through our finances.”

Brunner and her team have been working to make the business flourish on campus. While still working on personal orders, Color and Letter has set up an account on Redbubble so students can order stickers of their favorite watercolor states.

“I assist Rebekah in the graphic design area,” Kassidy Stewart said. “We are currently working on producing a website and getting more of her artwork uploaded to Redbubble. Rebekah has a gift and I’m so proud of her and lucky to be working with her.”

Brennan said she sees the business as having a presence on campus as well as online in two or three years.

“We’re currently working on getting into different boutique shops in Tuscaloosa,” Brennan said. “College is a time of personality and ego development that bolsters a strong pride in our roots. Color and Letter allows students to express themselves in a way that helps them create their own identity.”

Below is the link to Color and Letter’s Redbubble account.