How to stay safe during A-Day weekend

This article contains tips on how to stay safe during A-Day weekend.

By Jessica Ramsey
News Reporter

TUSCALOOSA — A-Day is always a fun time in Tuscaloosa. There are tons of tailgates, tasty food and great parties to attend. It attracts people from all over Alabama and sometimes across the country. Even though it’s one of the best times to be at the University of Alabama, it can also be a dangerous time.

Throughout the years, there have been multiple arrests and even shootings on A-Day. According to WVUA 23, just two years ago there was a shooting by Bar 3000, now known as Keagan’s. That same year, there was a shooting on The Strip, where the majority of students from the University of Alabama go to have fun.

Some students believe that it’s dangerous on A-Day because of the masses of people.

“It’s more dangerous because of the amount of people who come to town, and with it being a free event it brings in all types of individuals,” said Elvin Woods, a junior at UA.

Michael Reddick, a junior at UA, thinks the same thing.

“There’s a numerous amount of people in Tuscaloosa so it’s difficult to watch out for everything going on,” said Reddick. 

Students like Lynsey Tiller think it is a dangerous day not only because of the population but because of the excessive drinking.

“I think it’s more dangerous on A-day because there are people from all over congregating to one place. Also there’s so much drinking and things that take place so I feel people are preyed upon due to their level of intoxicating,” Tiller said.

In order to feel safe on A-Day some students like to surround themselves with a lot of friends and people they trust.

“I stay with a group of friends, and avoid situations or areas that I feel may become dangerous,” Woods said.

Reddick not only stays around a group of people but he also makes sure his friends knows where he is at all times.

“I travel in groups and always make sure someone knows where I’m going. If I have to get out of a dangerous situation I should be able to call my friends and they know exactly where I am,” Reddick said.

Students agree that in order to stay safe on A-Day always be aware of your surroundings, stick with people you trust, and don’t drink excessively.

“Have fun, but be responsible, stay with your friends, and make smart decisions,” said Woods.

“Watch your surroundings and the people your hanging with,” said Reddick.

“Do not go over board with drinking. You want to be fully aware about where you are and what you’re doing. Besides you should want to remember A day — it’s really fun,” Tiller said.