Voting Matters

UA chapter of Vote Everywhere is ready for this upcoming election, are you?

By Sarah Luz Palacios

News Reporter

Last Friday, the University of Alabama’s chapter of Vote Everywhere, a non-partisan civic engagement organization, hosted a voter registration booth. Members were eagerly engaged in informing all types of students, in-state and out-of-state, about the importance of these upcoming elections and the Alabama primary election. 

UA Chapter of Vote Everywhere remains on campus to remind students that it is not too early to start thinking about voting. Feb. 27 is the final deadline to submit an absentee ballot. Absentee ballots allow out-of-state voters to still participate in their hometown elections without having to travel back.

Ben Leonard, chapter president and a senior majoring in political science believes college is the perfect opportunity to engage with students regardless of political affiliation. 

“College serves as a critical time for students to form opinions, engage their civil duties and learn how to be a participant within their communities,” said Leonard. 

Next month, on Mar. 3 Alabamians will head to the polls to fill out their primary election ballot. 

According to Leonard, Vote Everywhere aims to bring awareness to races on all levels. 

“Local and state politics plays a pivotal role in our day-to day lives, so it’s crucial for first time voters to make informed decisions when voting,” said Leonard. 

The state of Alabama does not have party registration laws, giving the people the discrepancy of not declaring an official political party.

Ricardo Gonzalez, a senior majoring in business management understood the importance this could make towards his home- state. This led to him registering to vote. 

“You just never know with Florida… Gotta hope these odds are in my favor,” said Gonzalez.  

Commonly referring to Florida being a swing state. Voting in favor of Donald Trump (R) in 2016, and voting in favor of Barack Obama (D) in 2012 and 2008. 

Similarly, Lauren Dellheim, a senior majoring in advertising sees this same pattern in Georgia. 

Georgia has secured seven democratic presidents, while the republicans have secured eight presidents. It’s close on as well. 

The deadline to register for the general election in Alabama is October 20, 2020.