Why play Men’s Volleyball?

Men’s club volleyball has is a club sport at The University of Alabama. The players talk about all things volleyball.

By Jaice Caver
News Reporter

TUSCALOOSA — Nick Devenuto started playing volleyball in high school in Louisville, Kentucky, where he ultimately made third team USA. He decided after graduation he would continue to play volleyball in college to make friends, have fun, and pass time.

He now leads the University of Alabama men’s volleyball team.

The experience has made for great memories and games, and also extended into Devenuto’s career options as a business major.  

“I’ve had leadership roles throughout the year, since then it has helped me get jobs,” he said.  

After talking with both the president and Vice President, Nick Sremac, they have explained how academically this is a great sport. There hasn’t been a change in grades, if anything it helps them excel, knowing that they have a lot on their plate.

 “Academically it doesn’t change much, might impact study habits slightly. Socially I’ve made a lot of good friends from the team,” Sremac said.

Men’s volleyball is a sport in which most colleges and universities do not formally compete, even though the sport shows just as much competitiveness and fan base as any other. The Alabama club team competes against club teams in the SEC.

The sport also can be much easier on the body because there is no physical contact.

Although the club is not as hard wrenching as others sports, it is not entry level. This is why most people will not get introduced to the sport unless they have had previous experience. The team encourages students , if they would like to join, to come to practices so they can see what they have to offer.

When asked what is your favorite thing about the sport, Sremac answered, “I love how much of an impact momentum has in the outcome of the game.”

The team has competed in many regional and national tournaments against other SEC teams. Although the men lost in the semi-finals in 2019, they ended the tournament tied for third. This year they plan on taking a trip to Kansas City to redeem themselves.  

The Men’s Volleyball Club expects to lose a good group of students this semester and plans on recruiting more players in the following semester on “Get on Board Day” at UA.

If you would like to learn more about the club sport or any club sport at the university, visit

https://urec.sa.ua.edu/competitive-sports/sport-clubs/ .