Spring Break might Last Longer than Expected

By Tina Turner
News Producer

National Public Radio reports that more than 290 million students worldwide are staying home from school.

This is a precautionary measure that thousands of schools have taken in order to protect children from the novel Coronavirus or COVID-19.

It’s not just grade schools. Universities across the map are shutting down. Ohio State, Columbia, Harvard, University of Southern California are a few of the campuses to close in response to COVID-19.

Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee, made the decision to make students returning from spring break to remain off campus until further notice.

Iyana Gray is a Tuscaloosa native who attends Vanderbilt. 

“My classes are canceled until further notice or at least until the 30th. I had to turn around soon as I got back, so I’ll be in Tuscaloosa for a week,” Gray said.

The University of Alabama releases students for spring break next week. It released this statement Monday.

  • The UA System has canceled all University-sponsored international travel scheduled to depart in March. University-sponsored travel outside of the United States that is scheduled to depart after the month of March is suspended effective immediately.
  • The UA System advises against any non-essential domestic travel, particularly to large conferences or to states or locales that have declared a State of Emergency or Public Health Emergency due to the virus.
  • Those who travel to a CDC COVID-19 Level 2 or 3 country (on personal or University business) or have been in close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 are required to contact the Alabama Department of Public Health, remain away from the UA campus and other large gathering places, and self-monitor for 14 days after leaving the affected area.

Peyton Strickland is an engineering student at UA. He has concerns about how COVID-19 will affect the campus after spring break.

“I put countless hours into scheduling a conference that might get canceled,” Strickland said.

Strickland has included students and colleagues from southeastern college on his lists of guests to attend his conference. 

Along with the advice and precautions UA has taken to control the spread of COVID-19, it is possible that it could be another university that chooses to opt for online classes and close campus as another health precaution.