“Snow Day” in Tuscaloosa

By Forsyth Latham
Staff Writer

TUSCALOOSA — A winter storm hit Tuscaloosa County during the beginning of the week, leading the University of Alabama to cancel classes Monday and Tuesday. 

Caroline Huger, a student at the university, said she was excited to have a few days off.

It was smart of the university to cancel school, she said, since the roads were icy Tuesday morning. 

“I felt relaxed, because I have a very busy week, so it gave me time to get organized and work without having to attend classes,” she said. 

Monday’s weather was mostly rain with low temperatures that eventually became ice. Around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday there was light snow on the ground. Early in the morning there were still snow flurries coming down with temperatures as low as 16 degrees. 

Winnie McCarthy was relieved to have two days off. 

McCarthy said she felt more relaxed than stressed during her days off, because she was able to decompress after having a tough few weeks.  

 “These snow days came at a great time because of it being around midterms,” she said. “It allowed me to catch up and even get ahead on some of my schoolwork.” 

Annie Toupin is a senior who spent her days off in bed giving herself time off school and work. However, by Tuesday Toupin said she became more stressed than relaxed.

 “Most of my assignments were postponed, which made me more stressed out, knowing I will be having double amount of work in the next week,” she said.