Finding the “one?” Dating questionnaire popular among UA students

By Forsyth Latham
Staff Writer

TUSCALOOSA — The Bama Marriage Pact is a large-scale matching occasion providing students with marital back-up plans through algorithm.

The Bama Marriage Pact is an independent student initiative and is not endorsed by UA. Camille Hannon thought it would be fun to participate because she did something similar in high school and enjoyed the event. 

“The survey asked you a lot of questions about the basics like kids, marriage, religion and if you care if your partner smokes,” she said.  

Kate-Pride Muse admitted she initially did this as a joke but ended up thinking it as more of a fun exercise. 

Muse did not get a match but instead was waitlisted since there were not enough male heterosexuals who signed up.

“The survey was great for what it was,” she said. “I thought it asked the right questions for when you’re looking for a partner. It asked about political leanings, drug/alcohol use, personality type and gave you a scale of the importance of each characteristic in a partner.” 

Hannah Moss admits that she loves personality quizzes and thought this survey was a fun idea. 

Bama Marriage Pact followed Moss on Instagram where Moss immediately became curious about it.

“The survey took a little bit longer than expected, but most of the questions were similar to the questions you answer for a dating app profile. I was surprised that there were political questions. There were also questions about drinking and drug use.”