Graduation attire: Choosing the perfect combination

By Evan Edwards
Staff Writer 

TUSCALOOSA — With graduation just a couple weeks away, deciding what to pair with the signature cap and gown can prompt apprehension.  

Allie Hicks, a senior who is majoring in news media, wants to stay within the color scheme of the University of Alabama. 

“I am wearing a white dress to graduation because to me, with our black caps and gowns and red accents, white just seems like it would follow the colors of this university,” Hicks said. “It also symbolizes the idea of growth and commitment made the past four years.” 

Jackie Lester, a Georgia native studying business, started her search for the ideal dress in January. Lester is striving for the classic, yet elegant look for the big day in May.

“I want to be in something I feel confident in and would look back on and love,” Lester said. “It is important to me to have the perfect dress because this is a big accomplishment that I’ll remember forever.” 

Graduation cords also play a key role in the selective pursuit of a practical, yet noteworthy ensemble.

Chesney Jensen, a creative advertising major, is still browsing online clothing stores in preparation for her graduation on April 30. Because she will be wearing a variety of cords, Jensen wants a neutral colored dress that will match everything. 

“I haven’t picked out my outfit for sure, but I think I’ll wear a neutral color since I’ll have my black gown and different colored cords,” Jensen said. “I’ll look back on these pictures for a while, so I want to find something that isn’t trendy and won’t go out of style quickly.” 

Sydney Hicks, a criminal justice major, shares the same opinion as Jensen regarding simplicity.

“I’m going with a white, cream or tan dress for graduation.” Hicks said. “I want something simple that won’t distract the eye away from my cap and gown.” 

Faith Baxter, a senior in UA’s athletic training program, understands the importance of comfort when it comes to large events. Baxter has decided on a relaxed outfit that she can wear again in years to come. 

“I chose a lace T-shirt dress for the versatility,” Baxter said. “I can dress it up for graduation, and also dress it down for other occasions.” 

Red caps, an accolade given to students graduating with a 4.0 grade point average, impacts the final verdict on what to wear while walking across the stage. 

Amiya Feigal, a senior from South Carolina who is studying criminal justice, put her red cap into consideration when it came to pick out her heels for graduation. 

“I want to keep my dress classy professional,” Feigal said. “But I definitely want a pop of red at my feet to highlight my cap.” 

Graduating college is a huge accomplishment, so looking and feeling your best while receiving your diploma is a priority.