Graduation is right around the corner for seniors

By Forsyth Latham
Staff Writer

TUSCALOOSA — As spring graduation quickly approaches, students are weighing in on new rules for graduation ceremonies- including one that requires graduates to leave the building once they walk across the stage for their diploma. 

The week of April 30graduation will begin for those who are walking. Seniors had till March 5 to decide if they wanted to walk. 

Grace Crow is in the College of Arts and Sciences where she will be graduating on Saturday, May 1.  

University Ceremonies and Events sent out an email with detailed rules for graduation expanding on that when your name is called you must bring everything you have with you as you walk across the stage. Students will be asked to leave the ceremony once their names are called because of COVID-19 protocols. 

“I kind of dislike it solely because I have to carry everything that I bring. I wish there was a spot to stick any personal belongings and pick it up on your way out,” Crow said. 

Erin Keene is walking in graduation for her mother on May 1. 

“I was going to leave after walking across the stage anyhow, so I’m fine with it,” she said. 

Allie Long  said she will walk in graduation for all the hard work she has put in these past four years. 

“ I dislike how we have to exit the building right after receiving our diplomas,” she said..” I want to be there celebrating each and every student for completing their college degree.” 

Long is excited to wear a cap and gown for the first time since her high school graduation was not traditional.