Vaccine passports create controversy

By Lindsay Martin
Staff Writer

TUSCALOOSA, AL— Vaccine passports have been a hot topic, as governments around the world are exploring the idea of a “passport” to permit international travel, admissions to concerts, entering a venue, and more. 

The United States government has indicated that a vaccine passport will not be federally mandated. Still, some states have created their own initiatives of a vaccine passport app showing vaccination records. 

Other states have passed legislation to prevent vaccine passports, including Alabama.

University of Alabama sophomore Elijah Clay approves of the passport bans.

“I don’t think it’s fair to force someone to take the vaccine just so they can go to a grocery store,” Clay said. “We need food to live and that would take away my right to live.”

The bill passed the Alabama senate on April 8 to ban a state or city passport ordinance.

Some people believe that it wasn’t a good idea, like Tuscaloosa resident Zack Banks.

“I think some events like a concert would need people to be vaccinated,” Banks said. “The same with entering a hospital. I wouldn’t want a random person entering somewhere where people are already sick, infecting more people.”

Then there are others who have conflicted thoughts on the passport, like UA alumnus Katherine Williams.

“Just like a regular passport or visa, you have to get things to travel internationally so I’m all for that, Williams said. “I don’t think it’s smart to have one for entering across state lines, though. Some people work and live in two different states and have to travel across state lines everyday.”