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Best Drinks of Tuscaloosa

Dateline Alabama reporter Stephen Dethrage sampled famous drinks from local Tuscaloosa restaurants to figure out which ones are worth the hype.

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Dateline: Barcelona

  This weekend UA journalism students landed in Spain, where they will spend two weeks reporting, writing and shooting for the latest issue of Alpine Living.  

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Larger, remodeled Rounders Bar to open in April

Rounders owner Grant McCabe said the bar will more than double its capacity when it reopens with a renovated downstairs and a rooftop patio. Students are anxiously awaiting the new options.

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Netflix Picks: TV Edition

College life makes for a fairly unpredictable daily schedule, so I can never guarantee I’ll be at home every week at a certain time to watch a television show. Netflix offers a wide variety of shows and allows you to watch according to your timetable,