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100 GOLD

Discover every gold medal ever won by the U.S. in the Winter Olympics.

Tuscaloosa Jewish Festival 2017

The Jewish food festival took place earlier this month and celebrated food of the Jewish culture. Bloom Hillel provided the venue of the event and it was open to the public.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

For Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the Kudzu Coalition of West Alabama hosted a discussion to address misconceptions about sexual assault, marginalized groups that are often ignored, and resources available to those who have experienced or work with victims of sexual assault.

Haunted Tuscaloosa Tour

The South is full of rich history, century-old buildings and a variety of haunted houses with documented claims of paranormal activity to back them up.

Five places UA students must visit in Alabama

Life for a college student can be stressful because of many deadlines, tests and assignments that weigh down our mental, and sometimes, physical state. Whether you need to dust off your hiking boots, or prepare to see a cute baby monkey–this list offers a variety