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The Comeback of a Lifetime

Super Bowl 53 was one to remember. San Francisco and Kansas City battled it out on Sunday February 2nd. Football fans across the country tuned in to see who would pull out the win.

Drop the Freshman 15 with No Time or Money

Trying to lose that Freshmen 15? You aren’t alone. The Journal of American College of Health released a report which said that about half of all college students gain weight during the school year and losing it is a journey that requires some lifestyle changes.

UA Students’ Reaction to Kobe Bryant’s Death.

The sudden death of basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, shocked millions of people around the world. By: Amber Boswell News Reporter Tuscaloosa, Ala, — “He is one of those people who you wouldn’t expect to die,” Kaleb Sparks, a junior majoring in political science,” said. This