Meet Our Lab Members

IMG_5470Anabel Bannon, originally from Westchester, NY, is a senior at the University of Alabama. She is double majoring in journalism and political science and will be graduating in May 2017. Anabel is a social media and marketing specialist for Dateline Alabama. After graduation, she hopes to work in the field of digital media and marketing and eventually attend law school to further pursue a career in politics and law. During her four years as a student, she has been involved in multiple political organizations and community service programs. She is interested in learning more about website and graphic design. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, yoga and cooking. You can contact Anabel at

IMG_5471Jake Bass is a senior at the University of Alabama from Baltimore, Md.
He is majoring in sports journalism with a minor in creative writing.
He interned for the Tuscaloosa News and worked for the Crimson White. He is writing for Bullets Forever, the Washington Wizards SB Nation website. Though Bass would like to continue covering sports, he would like to work with creating fun and original content in the form of columns, videos and podcasts. His dream job is to work for a company such as Barstool Sports where he can create content that is both comedic, sports centric and informative. Follow Bass on twitter @JakeBass657

IMG_8121Stephanie Behring is a senior majoring in journalism and minoring in political science from Danville, Calif. Stephanie is a member of Delta Gamma and works for her family’s non-profit organization, The Wheelchair Foundation. Stephanie has always been passionate about the art of communication and the importance of being well-informed, which led her to choosing a minor in political science and competing in the Miss America Organization. She has interned at ABC 7 News in San Francisco and for 10Fold Communications, a public relations company in Northern California. Post-graduation, Stephanie hopes to take over the public relations aspect of The Wheelchair Foundation in addition to working in public relations for a technology company.

IMG_8124Jessa Reid Bolling, a native of Reform, Ala., is a senior at the University of Alabama. She is majoring in journalism and minoring in political science. Jessa Reid hopes to work as a news reporter or political analyst at a newspaper, magazine or television news station. Jessa Reid enjoys writing and reporting in pursuit of stories that matter and keep people informed.

IMG_5481Derrico’ Carr is a senior at the University of Alabama from Anniston, Ala. He is majoring in journalism with a concentration in sports news and information, and he is minoring in art. He worked in a student position at the University SupeStore and currently works in UA athletics with men’s basketball. Aside from journalism, he enjoys watching and playing sports. After graduation in May, he plans to attend graduate school for sports business management.


IMG_8123Carolina Chaves is a senior at the University of Alabama from Florence, Ala. She is majoring in journalism and minoring in psychology. Carolina works as an elite note taker and campus marketing coordinator for Study Soup on the University of Alabama’s campus. She hopes to go to law school and further her interest in politics and the legal system. She enjoys reporting, editorial writing and food journalism.



IMG_5472Arron DePorter is a senior double majoring in journalism and Spanish at the University of Alabama.  After her graduation in May 2017, Arron will either continue her studies in Spanish at the graduate level or pursue a career in the magazine industry.  She believes that with her knowledge of the Spanish language and a love for writing, anything is possible.  Arron, who is a Tuscaloosa native, is passionate about travel and culture, and hopes to incorporate those into her future career.

IMG_5482Alexis Faire is a senior majoring in journalism with a minor in general business at the University of Alabama.  Alexis, a native of Enterprise, Ala., will graduate in May 2017. Her work has been published in The Crimson White, where she is the digital editor and a member of the editorial board. Alexis has also contributed to Alice Magazine, where she is a copy editor for the features section. She is also an ambassador for the Office of Veteran and Military Affairs and an intern for the University of Alabama Press. After graduation, Alexis hopes to pursue a career in magazine journalism. Alexis enjoys meeting new people and sharing their experiences through her writing. To contact Alexis, please email

Deven Feldstein is a senior at the University of Alabama from Baltimore, Maryland. She is majoring in journalism with a minor in history. She has worked at Girls Life magazine as an entertainment/features intern. At the university, Deven worked for Alice Magazine as the fashion editor. Deven is passionate about all things pop culture and hopes to work as an entertainment journalist after graduation. She also dreams about having her own successful lifestyle blog. She plans to move to New York City or LA after graduation in May. For fun Deven loves traveling, spending time with friends and family, shopping, catching up on her favorite TV shows, and cheering on the Baltimore Ravens. You can contact her via email at or reach out on twitter @devwearspradaa

IMG_5474Jake Herron comes from Marietta, Ga., and has lived in Tuscaloosa for almost seven years. He is a senior majoring in journalism at the University of Alabama with a minor in computing and information sciences. He has a part time service-industry job, and hopes to be a staff reporter at a news publication after graduating.

IMG_5478Kasey Hullett is a senior at the University of Alabama from Fairhope, Ala. He is double majoring in journalism and history and double minoring in creative writing and the Blount Scholars Program. He has worked as a correspondent for the Fairhope Courier and as a staff reporter for The Crimson WhiteHe is currently a reporter for Mosaic Magazine, the UA honors college publication. He is currently pursuing plans to attain his masters in fine arts in creative writing. Kasey is passionate about writing. His favorite topics are food, music and movies. When he is not writing, he can be found singing and playing guitar. One day, he hopes to publish a few novels. To contact him, please email

IMG_5475Nick Jones is a senior at the University of Alabama from Alabaster, Ala. He is majoring in journalism with a minor in computer applications and technology. Nick has worked as a freelance writer covering University of Alabama athletics. He has focused his studies on sports and technology journalism and would like to work in sports after graduation.

IMG_5487Shemaiah Kenon is a senior at the University of Alabama from Port St. Lucie, Fla. She is majoring in journalism with a concentration in sports news and information and a minor in political science. She is employed as the program lead specialist for University Programs, supervising over 25 students who execute large event programs at the university. She has interned with The Tuscaloosa News and is a night-side reporter for WVUA 23 News, which is housed in the Digital Media Center of Bryant-Denny Stadium. Shemaiah aspires to host her own daytime television show. After graduating from Alabama, she plans to seek a job in sports broadcasting for a major platform.

IMG_8128Jennifer Leto
is a senior at the University of Alabama from Miami, Fla. She is majoring in journalism and minoring in criminal justice. Aside from being a producer for Dateline Alabama, she is involved in the Greek community on campus, volunteers at Child Abuse Prevention Services and works part-time as a waitress. After graduating in May, she hopes to attend law school. Aside from pursuing a legal career, she hopes to continue her writing by contributing to a local news publication. She is passionate about mixing her love for writing with the law. To contact Jennifer, please email her at

Angel McLellan is a senior at the University of Alabama from Palm City, Fla. She is a double major studying journalism and communication studies. She works as a communications intern for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and as an editorial assistant for the publications department of The University of Alabama National Alumni Association. Angel hopes to continue her work in magazines after graduation and (hopefully!) become an editor.

IMG_8112Ali Selman is a senior at the University of Alabama majoring in journalism and minoring in communication studies. Ali was born and raised in Tuscaloosa. She has always had a passion for writing, and her work has appeared in the Crimson White. Outside class and Dateline, Ali spends her time competitively riding horses. After graduation, Ali wants to get a job with a magazine or online publication that covers equestrian and show jumping.  To contact Ali, please email her at

IMG_8106Miranda Townley
is a senior at the University of Alabama majoring in journalism with a minor in English. She is from Carbon Hill, Ala., and plans to graduate the Capstone in May 2017. She advanced her editing and reporting skills during her internship at WBRC FOX 6 News in Birmingham during the fall of 2016, where she also covered high school football during their Friday night show, Sideline. Miranda has written articles for Dateline previously about various philanthropies in the Tuscaloosa area and contributes to grant writing for her hometown elementary school. Miranda is a features producer for Dateline and plans to find a job teaching journalism or English in an Alabama school after graduation. Miranda can be reached at

IMG_8114Brittany Walker is a senior at the University of Alabama majoring in journalism with a French minor. She is originally from Raleigh, N.C., and plans to move to California once she graduates. She has written for The Odyssey and interned with multiple fashion PR companies back home. Brittany hopes to do something with fashion after school.